Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Why Fish Do - What Fish Do with Guest Joey Monteleone

Host and Southeastern Fly Guide David Perry has an in-depth discussion with Author, TV & radio personality, and all around fishy guy Joey Monteleone. David and Joey go all-out as they talk about everything from where fish choose to stay and why, then they visit on why stealth in fly fishing presentations are so important to an angler's success. They don't stop there and get into the weeds about what fish eat and why plentiful food is so important in choosing the right fly.
This episode is full of useful information for anglers at all levels. It's no just about fishing in the Southeast, Tennessee, or Middle Tennessee, the information is useful just about anywhere people fish for freshwater species.
Sit back and relax as David and Joey have one of the most technical and fishy discussions that has been recorded on Southeastern Fly. You can hear it anywhere you listen to podcasts or at the link below>