Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Wildlife", Streamers and Family Day on Friday, April 6th, 2007

My bride, my 8 year old daughter and I hit the Caney Fork just as they began a 1 hr pulse and caught the rising water today. We were on the water about 30 minutes when we had our first strike and.........a miss.

I told the girls they would see some wildlife, because 'we always do', Sure enough we did and it went like this......there were four guys fishing and one guy who had obviously fallen in. He was stripped down to his drawers and drying out his pants and shirt, which was a 'wild' thing to see in 40 degree weather. After I covered my daughter's (and wife's) eyes we were finally out of sight of the 'wildlife'.

About 10 minutes later we anchored to a shoal and my daughter caught a few fish on a streamer. We had a fish on that broke the 3x leader. I lost an entire box of freshly tied streamers somewhere today and had to dig down deep in the boat for another. I found a shrimp pattern and tied it on. We moved down about a quarter of a mile and she caught a few more on the shrimp pattern. I dug through the boat some more and found a poorly tied (by me) streamer wannabe. We floated through Lancaster without a bite, then I hooked up with a nice FAT 14'er. At a deep pool my daughter caught several more fish before we called it a day and headed for the takeout. It was a great day that ended at the local Mexican joint and some chips, a beer and Margarita's. Our daughter had sweet tea ;^}

Streamers were the fly of the day, we caught (0) zero on nymphs. According to my automatic fish counter (my 8 year old) we caught 11 fish, all on streamers. It was a great day.

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