Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Calvary Outfitters and The Elk River

I went along with the guys from Calvary Outfitters for their first outing as a group. My job was to work the net and help wherever needed. I was truly amazed at how quickly these guys picked up on fly fishing. All together we took eight people. We had six fishing or should I say 6 anglers catching. Two guys who fish regularly. The others were; one newbie who I believe just bought his stuff the night before, two just starting and one just starting back after a long absence.

Mark Joines, who fishes regularly on the Elk, was kind enough to assist Anthony Williams and myself with guiding this group. Mark practiced his guiding skills and was able to bring a few fish to hand before the day was complete.

We put the group on Black Zebras, Dan-O-Magic’s, and a sparse BHPT pattern. We topped those patterns off with a soft hackle, which was big and bulky. All the patterns produced fish for the guys.

The group caught over thirty fish for approximately four hours of fishing. Most of the fish the guys caught were the standard issue rainbows, however while I was fishing with Blake, who was one of the last off the water, we spotted a couple of bigger fish feeding, which was encouraging.

TVA has been “spilling” the dam at 100 CFS for the past couple weeks. The water level was slightly down and there was a little more algae than usual for this time of the year. The river could use a cold water flushing for a few consecutive hours and with the rain in the forecast we hope TVA will be able to turn loose of some water.

This group of fly fishermen has been meeting once a month since about October at Calvary Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, TN. They are a very enthusiastic and seem to enjoy each others company. Their enthusiasm was infectious on Saturday and a couple of them asked my favorite question: “it isn’t time to leave the river yet…….is it?”

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