Sunday, August 31, 2008

Two Trips To The Caney August '08

We've spent the last couple weekends on The Caney Fork River. I've wet a line and watched others from the comfort of the rowers seat. There are some good fish in the Caney and some interesting sights to be seen. Instead of giving the play by play, I thought we would just do this report in pictures with captions.....

Do You Hear Something?

The Reward For "The Perfect Drift"

They Always Look Bigger Underwater

Mark's Nice Brown

A Triple Caught & Released

Dan Using Both Hands On This One...

Caney Fork Fauna

Another "Perfect Drift" and Another Reward...

Brown With Kipe...

...Brown Without Kipe

There Is More Than Just Fishing On The Caney Fork...

These Little Brook Trout Are Doing Just Fine....

A Double of Brownie's Caught and Released

Completes The Third Slam of the Day

I Do Get To Fish Some Too

Dump Those Worms Out of That Folgers Can & Start Bailing...

Thanks Anthony, Dan and Mark.


  1. Love the picture report! That picture with the sluice running behind is incredible...

  2. Thanks for the compliment David. Anthony Williams took that shot for us, he is great behind the camera. Anthony has done professional photography and is getting more into fishing and now boating shots as well.

  3. Yeah, Anthony gets to take the shots - others get to take the rides..