Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fishing the Obey River


Behind the Brush & On the Guide Seat
While I have been on the river guiding, Dan has been working on a new painting, which he has named "Seventeen". I had an open date on the calendar and he had finished Seventeen, so we decided to hit the river. I've been on the Caney Fork a lot lately and the Elk too. We decided (OK I decided) we would go to the Obey for the second time this year.

The Trip
We loaded up the drifter and headed across I-40, then turned north toward Celina. The first time we saw the Cumberland River it looked like bad chocolate milk. It also had logs and debris floating down the center and the buoys that mark the channel showed very little current. We discussed going back home to watch football, but the argument ended, when we determined, heck we had come this far, why not just press on and we did.

We entered the Celina city limits and crossed the Obey for the first time. The Obey was high but relatively clear. A quick stop for food at the gas station (yes gas station food is good every once in a while) and then we were off to the river. The weather was Fall like with blue skies and a slight breeze.

There Are Some Big Flies on the Fly Rack

So What Kind of Flies Worked?
We fished streamers out of the gate and had several flashes and near misses on yellow, white and even on lighter green. The first rainbow came on a BHPT just after we stopped and ate a bite in the warm sun. Then we pulled out the streamers again and caught fish on the lighter colors on the color chart.

Which Way Is Up?

Photo Tour/ Fishing Trip
The day was a good day for photos and Dan has an excellent eye for the unique. So while I was fishing he was snapping shots in the boat and along the river as well. We saw some uncommon sights throughout the day. We turned several fish and boated some too. The Obey is not a trophy stream, but we did get some looks at bigger fish. The fish seemed healthy and the water was clearer and cold. Like I said it isn't a trophy river, but once or twice a year it is a good place to get away from the crowds and enjoy the day.

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