Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fly Fishing the Caney Fork with a Sluice

Mark Shows the First Brown

Mark and I just returned from a quick afternoon float with the sluice running. The river was dingy, dirty, and muddy. We turned a nice striper, then caught browns and rainbows. The brook trout were absent again and I am not sure if it was the water clarity or we just didn't get the flies in front of the right fish.

Preparing for an Upcoming Trip

The Rainbows Came Out Today...

We threw streamers and nymphs today and had luck on both. In spite of the prolific midge hatches coming off we saw very few rises. We did see some large fish hitting the surface, but I doubt they were after a tiny midge.

...and So Did the Browns

The sluice was running at 1800 CFS and again the river was rough coming away from the ramp, but once we got into the river it smoothed out and we had a steady pace to fish. We caught them on the usual stuff today and if the water would clear up the river could be fishing good. Tomorrow appears to be more of the same and we will see what the month of November has to offer.

Caught and Released

We are off to the Little Red River (weather and generation permitting) later this week to get some more value from the Arkansas Trout Stamp we purchased earlier in the year.

Caught and Released

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