Sunday, December 13, 2009

Middle TN Fishing Report


The skies have dropped lots of rain over the Middle Tennessee area and most of the Southeastern U.S. The fishing report is lots of water and the fish are trying not to drown. That is probably an accurate description.

One Drop

I say "come on cold weather". A good shad kill after the lakes get back to Winter pool, whenever that is, would be good for morale. Cabin fever should be setting in after a week or so.

Please Use Caution Below Dams, Water May Rise Rapidly

My Dad shot the picture below, at Chickamauga Dam, the other day. The picture is an indicator of the amount of rain the state has received over the past several days. So go out and do the Christmas shopping, but check back later for a new feature later this week.

Chickamauga Dam

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  1. I just drove over Chickamauga yesterday and it was higher than I've seen it before...lots of water coming down right now...