Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Center Hill Dam Water Release Update

We are waiting for the water to recede from this weekend's rains and it is going to take a while. Great Falls Dam is spilling and now Center Hill Dam has cranked it up as well. Below is the water release from this morning, which shows the hourly discharge. Also, take a look at the Elevation above the dam on Center Hill (the lake side of the dam) it continues to climb.



Elevation immediately above the dam

(feet above mean sea level)

Elevation immediately below the dam

(feet above mean sea level)

Average Hourly*

(cubic feet per second)

9pm 637.42 489.82 14,600
10pm 637.55 489.85 14,600
11pm 637.68 489.88 14,600
midnight 637.80 489.90 14,600
1am 637.92 489.82 14,600
2am 638.01 489.81 14,600
3am 638.11 489.81 14,600
4am 638.19 489.79 14,500
* discharge reported at end of hour

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