Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Caney Fork Fishing Report and Eagles

The Weather- Partly Cloudy and Fishy

The Caney Fork River is getting back to good fishing. The brief taste of spring brought nice weather as well as rising and fighting fish. Dan, Anthony and I got out for a good float and observed some very nice fish! The water clarity was about 3' or so, as measured with the rod. When the pulse hit the clarity went down considerably, but that is to be expected.

Colorful Rainbows

We started out the day throwing big streamers...come to think of it...we finished the day that way too. But, in between we tried a few nymph patterns, also we tried just sitting in the drifter and being lazy in the sun. I thought I was going to be the most lazy and talked the guys into just anchoring up in the middle of the river. There I sat in the back of the drifter soaking up the sun, while Dan tried different patterns for rising fish. The sun overtook Anthony and I swear he dozed off. I think Anthony may have won the most relaxed award.

We spotted another bald eagle, which is becoming a regular on the trips to the river. Although the eagles (not the band, the bird of prey) don't seem to do anything out of the ordinary, they are still amazing. They soar in the air currents that comes off the bluffs around the river and are truly something spacial.

Dan Caught this Fish on a Fly His Father Tied

We finished up our day fishing topwater. We did not have much luck on top, but the weather seemed to fit perfectly with this style of fishing. Spring is coming! And, the water is the place to be. There were several reports of other nice fish caught on the river, the Elk is cranking up and the Obey is fishing well too. This is one of my favorite times of the year to get out, especially after this long, cold winter!

Getting out on the river is a great cure for Cabin Fever. The rivers in Middle Tennessee are fishing good and now is time to get out before the rivers get too crowded. Give us a call or send us an email to book your guided drift boat trip.

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