Monday, November 7, 2011

Calvary Outfitters Trip (part I)

The Rainbows Were Colorful
The guys at Calvary Outfitters took a road trip to Ridgecrest North Carolina over the weekend. Most of us left sometime Thursday for a much needed retreat. Ridgecrest provided an excellent atmosphere for the group, some of who came all the way from Dallas Texas. 13 guys, 4 days, all chasing browns, rainbows and brookies.

The North Carolina Mountains
A NC Brookie
The first day we split up and fished several rivers. Each group took several anglers, each of different skill levels. North Carolina has well known rivers such as the Davidson, the Cherokee Trophy Waters, the Tuck and some not so well known waters that will remain unnamed. All rivers gave up fish to the fly and when we hit the water the weather was as good as it gets in the month of November. 
Can You Name This Dam?
We didn't confine ourselves to just one river, just one section or even just one state. Some of us crossed back into Tennessee to catch some East Tennessee trout on the Watauga. The Watauga gave up it's fish to the CO guys. Nymphs, dry flies and soft hackles produced fish as anglers presented a variety of patterns. These are just a few of the pictures that were taken over the weekend and there will be more to follow. On the way home it was apparent the trip was a success, because the plans for the Spring trip began before we crossed the Tennessee state line. (more pictures to follow)
Clear Water

Holy Water on the Watauga River in Tennessee