Thursday, December 1, 2011

20 + Club

What's the 20 + Club? Well it is a group of anglers who have fished with us at various times over the past few years, and who have caught a 20" or above fish. Check them out here.  There are still more to add and we are getting to that.  Hopefully there will be more anglers joining the group over the next year.***
With the water so high in Middle Tennessee the drifter is parked in the garage and unless something changes in the generation, it is doubtful the drifter will see the river over the next week or so. That being said, I am tying some streamers and getting ready for the winter streamer season which is already upon us.
Christmas is just around the corner and we have gift certificates available for those of you considering booking a trip next year. Just contact me via phone, email or text and we will make the arrangements.
And, check back next week for a fly rod review. We have been using a rod on the boat over the past couple months and it is time to review the rod's performance. Alright that is it for now and hope your week has been going well ! Screamin reels and all that stuff...

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