Monday, January 23, 2012

Fishing Report...

A Colorful Elk River Hatchery Brat
Here we go with the same old song and dance...Mother Nature just isn't seeing things our way and continues to fill the lakes while the folks in charge of the water release try their best to keep our lakes at winter pool.
The Caney Fork- water releases have been 24-7 at 10,000+ CFS. It becomes more and more tempting to get out there and just see what, if anything, is happening. So I still suggest not getting on the river while continuing to fight the urge.
The Obey had some windows of  1600+ CFS, which is a decent flow for floating. It isn't the best but it is doable. Wading has been non-existent so far on the Obey this Winter. Hopefully the weather and generation will cooperate in the very near future.
Fish Tails
The Elk River- continues to see some windows for wading on the weekends. On weekdays, well check generation schedules but don't expect great things. We made a trip to the Elk to wade after a huge storm came through a couple days back. Surprisingly the water was somewhat clear and the fish were hungry. There was minimal surface activity and we went with nymphs above midge droppers. The nymphs produced several hatchery brats in a short window. The tug was good to feel and we even had a visit from a muskrat. If there is a window and the opportunity is there, I would suggest your favorite nymph. Adjust the indicator as needed and don 't get lazy with the adjustments, because the fish seem to hunker down in off-color water. 

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