Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tennessee Fly Fishing Report

Feathers, Fur and One Eyeball
The Holiday Season is over. Time to get back to work and back to play. Center Hill Dam continues to run three generators around the clock. We find other alternatives when the Army Corp turns loose of that much water. Dale Hollow Dam is releasing two generators and it is OK to float, but that float is quick. Tims Ford Dam is starting to show some windows of wading opportunity. Floating the Elk River hopefully isn't far behind.
We have been out chasin some toothy critters while the tailwaters get back to some sense of normal.  We have floated a local freestone for musky three different times. On those three floats we've had 4 anglers, 3 follows, 3 fish on then lost and one fish in the boat. There is a lot to learn about this species and time is short. It is fun to pass the time on the water when a lot of folks are just sitting at home watching others on TV. Stay tuned for updates...

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