Monday, March 26, 2012

Tennessee Trout Fishing Report

The Caney Fork is generating during the day, with two generators being the norm. There is no generation at night and short windows of opportunities for early morning fishing. Keep a keen eye on the water levels and get out of the water when you first notice an increase in flow. There are reports of fish being caught with both generators pushing. However, that is a lot of work and usually is tough to get consistent results. Streamers and sinking lines will put fish in the boat.
Reflections of the Morning Fog Lifting
Brent and I caught a low water float the other day. Our catching started out slow, real darn slow. When the sun came up the fish turned on. We found some feeding fish late in the day and fished dries as well. This kept us on the river late and made a tough following day. But, all is well and we will return to fish another day.
Fish Tails
The Obey River- Floating the Obey on two generators is possible. Pretty much the same thing goes for this river on two generators as goes with two generators on the Caney. Use streamers and sinking lines. Nymphs fished along the seam and in the back-eddies will also produce. The captain needs to keep a sharp eye on the flow and obstructions close to the bank. Getting a boat in a bad position on this much flow can cause a capsize. We are staying off the rivers with this much release.
Fishy Backwaters
The Elk- this little jewel is producing fish and favorable generation. Fishing is tough, but putting a nymph on the nose of a fish will produce a strike, the rest is up to the angler. Fish nymphs deep! If the nymph isn't ticking the bottom from time to time, it is not down in the water column far enough. We have been fishing multiple nymph rigs against single nymph rigs. The single nymph rig out-fishes the multiple rigs every time.  I am not sure I understand why the fish take the single rig more often, apparently the fish know.
Two Words Plenty-Full

Two Things Keep Us Going...Brown Trout and Diet Dew


  1. Nice pics! "Browns and MtDew!" haha deadly combo Thanks for sharing