Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Elk River Update

Update- from the last report until now there have been some developments. TVA is turning loose additional water. There is a valve that allows the water to get to the sluice. That valve is damaged and is in the closed position. TVA is working to open the valve and allow water to pass through the sluice. TVA is releasing additional water over the spillway to help protect the trout. The water temperature at Farris Creek Bridge is 70.9 degrees. TWRA is aware of what is going on and they are in contact with TVA. Hopefully the valve will be fixed or at least opened enough to let some cold water through of the sluice.
The Operating Guide below is from the TVA website. The red line is the current observed elevations (the current lake level). The yellow line is the minimum recreational level (the lowest level that TVA wants to keep the lake level for boaters, above the dam). The graph shows the lake level is extremely low. We were at the lake on Sunday and there is about 4' of shoreline showing. It is interesting on the Elk right now...
Update to the Update- The water temps at the Elk are back 58 degrees which is the summertime normal. The temperature was taken at the gravel bar below the Highway 50 bridge. The flow is going up and down, but the temps are remaining pretty consistent. The temps at Farris Creek, according to TVA, is running at 67 degrees. SO, it appears the valve on the dam is fixed in the open position. Good news for the trout and good news for the angler.

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