Monday, August 20, 2012

Ellington and Glenn

Plump Bows
When the phone rang the other day and the number had a New York area code, I had a feeling Glenn was coming into town and wanted to fish. The first time he was on the boat was a great day with multiple browns tricked by hopper patterns and since then Glenn has called when he is in town. This time he brought his son Ellington to fish. We met last week and made our way to the ramp, launched the drifter then backed out into the current
Ellington Pre-Hookset
We spent some time with Ellington's casting and mending. We discussed the general instructions of effective nymph fishing. The traffic was light and Ellington had a hit right off the bat. Things appeared to be going our way. Then the anchor was up, flies were in the water and we were fishing. We stayed on nymphs for most of the upper part of the float and the fish came, but it was slower than we expected.
Catch and Release
Ellington hooked up and Glenn also brought fish to the net. It wasn't easy but the guys hung in there as we made multiple fly changes looking for an advantage. We found some likely places for hoppers. The fish did not respond. Then it was back to nymphs under indicators, which was the best bet for this day.
The Brookies are Growing

Glenn Hooked Up
After we missed a few fish then Glenn came through with some more fish in the net. We set up on some fish that were feeding on top. We went through the dry fly boxes and these fish just didn't want to see things our way. We went from dries with emergers to spinners and the cycles in between. We ended the day on hoppers as the anchor came up and we raced to the takeout to try and meet a deadline. We caught fish although not in the numbers or size we wanted. The river however was pleasant and we were able to find some open spaces in the light traffic. Glenn and Ellington were a pleasure to guide and we are looking forward to the next time the phone rings with a New York area code.
Not Too Much Traffic

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