Sunday, October 7, 2012

Keith and Bryon's Day on the River

Fall Colors
First off, all trips are unique. The weather, water levels, wind, sun and people make the trips what they are. This trip was a lot of fun. It started when Bryon emailed to book a date for himself as well as his friend Keith. Bryon is a seasoned veteran and Keith had not fished before so he was our rookie. Bryon stuck the first fish and got the skunk off the boat. Keith was working on casting, mending, mending and if you have ever fished in the drifter with us, well you know I worked him over until he mended just the way I wanted.
Keith's First Fish on the Fly Rod
Keith found the casting groove with his new rod shortly after Bryon boated his brookie, Then Keith came in with a brown of his own. Then Keith went on to boat several fish. That's when we realized it was going to be Keith's day. It was crazy at one point, Keith caught a fish, I took the fly out of the fish's upper lip and tossed it back into the water. Before we could release that fish Keith had another on the line, without even casting. A short time later Keith was looking at Bryon while they were talking and Keith got a bite and set the hook, without even looking. That is when Bryon became known as "The Other guy". It was like the fish wanted to be caught by Keith. 
A Break in the Fence
Don't get me wrong "The Other Guy" was catching fish, but Keith, well he could have been the Fish Whisper. We began to make fun of the number of fish Keith was catching. The Other Guy was picking his spots and bagging some fish on the nymph as well. Nymph fishing is more than just throwing a fly out there and watching the indicator. Nymph fishing is also about depth, current, seams and of course a proper mend. A decision of which way is the current pushing the line and the indicator? And is the fly in the current seam? Keith was doing everything right and he was racking up the numbers.
Keith Early in the Float
Brook Trout Goodness
A Leafy Catch for The Other Guy
As the day wore on we settled into casting, mending and sometimes catching. We were floating lazily down the river when Keith's indicator took a big dive. He set the hook and the feisty rainbow began jumping, diving and grinding on the bottom. Keith did his best to keep the rainbow on the line and out from under the boat, while The Other Guy looked on in disbelief...We had gone most of the day before we showed Keith how to properly bring a fish to the net. He received a crash course on this fish and we got it to the net without incident.
Keith With the Fish of the Day

More Brookie Goodness

Fall is Here

Fish-On for Bryon 
We floated toward the take out and both guys had caught good numbers of fish on nymphs and midge patterns. On this trip the fish were not rising to the bugs coming off. The were deeper and looking for moving water. Keith and Bryon were both dialed in and made this day a good day to be on the water. Thanks guys it was a lot of fun for the guide too and I am looking forward to doing it again!

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