Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Non-Fishing Report

Wow we sure have a lot of water! With that being said, the drifter is in the garage and I have been tying flies. A couple trips to Cumberland Transit for marabou, deer hair, beads, hooks, Puglisi fibers, more hooks, eyes and the list goes on and on. As is the case with most anglers there is always something else I "need".

Staying inside can get boring and if it is raining where you are, Fly Image Magazine is worth a look. And if that isn't enough try the video below.

This is the final season of Spanish Fly. I think most of us have watched the show and enjoyed the stories of both fly fishing, gear and live bait. The first time I remember watching the show I saw this guy guiding a client in a bay. There was a concrete pier and a hot fish. When the fish went under the pier, then out the other side, Jose jumped in with the rod and swam under the pier to the other side. Just to save the angler's fish. That was one of the coolest things on TV at that time...

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