Sunday, December 16, 2012

Elk River and Caney Fork River Report

Stopped in the Shallows
Caney Fork River Report: The river is only fishing OK at the moment. The generation schedule keeps water high, in the river, for longer periods of time. The higher water spreads out the fish more and makes us all fish deeper. Fishing nymphs with a beadhead and even a little extra lead is more productive. Fishing streamers with dumbell eyes helps and fishing over the shoals and gravel bars will get some looks and takes.
Brookies in Fast Moving Water
The big story on the Caney is the US Army Corps plan to place buoys across the dam pool at the Caney Fork and other Cumberland River system dams. The Army Corps has apparently decided to comply with a regulation and as a result the access to the majority of the dam pool with be off limits to everyone.   I enjoy fishing the pool certain times of the year, but we don't fish it when the sluice gate is wide open or even likely to run. We don't fish it during the late Summer sluicing periods because it is so dangerous. However, some folks apparently don't understand the danger and get themselves into trouble. So we will see what happens in the coming days.
The President/ Founder of Calvary Outfitters
The Elk River: The generation during the week is running too strong for good fishing right now. But TVA is angler friendly on the weekends. The water is stained but the fish are active. There are fish hitting flies from one ramp to the other. The last few trips down to fish the Elk we have had large numbers. The big fish are illusive but there are plenty of hatchery brats to keep anglers occupied between the holdovers. On the weekends fish nymphs in even the least moving water. A good drift is key, as always, and ticking the bottom isn't a bad idea either. 
We are heading into Christmas and this is a good time to thank everyone. Those of you who stop by and read this report I sure hope it helps with keeping up on the latest fly fishing news in Middle TN. For those who have booked trips this year, I have to say this has been one of our best years. Some days were challenging and some seemed easy as pie. All the trips have been a blast and I appreciate everything. Hopefully everyone has a very Merry Christmas!
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