Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tennessee River Bass

After fishing in the snow storm on Saturday another member of my family commented that I am as crazy as my Dad, when it comes to fishing. It just so happened my Dad was out on the Tennessee River a couple days later, fishing gear, in the same weather. He is also a catch and release angler who is dialed in when it comes to crappie. Below is a quote from his report and a photo of his largest bass (7 lbs. 6 oz.) to date. The fish below still swims in the Tennessee River somewhere...
(Report) Got a late start today and put in at the ramp about 8:30 AM and went crappie hunting. The day started out slow and only had 8 small ones and 1 small bass by 10:00 but as I scanned a different place I spotted a really big school of crappie on a ledge going from 10' or water down to 21' of water and these proved to be some hungry fish! I had 19 catches in a row and could have continued the string if I hadn’t had a bad, short cast and didn’t get the jig where the fish were. On the 21st cast continued the string with 5 more straight before missing a fish. That’s a lot of fun when you can get a string like that going! I wasn’t keeping fish today so didn’t even have the net out of the box when this big fish hit which I thought, at first, was a stripper but finally got him to the boat and then the scramble was on to get the net out of the box. Of course the net was under everything in the box and I thought for sure that the fish would get off before I could get the net out but got lucky. Dipped the fish up and brought it in to the boat ...

...I quit fishing at 4 PM with a total of 2 bass and 85 crappie....All in all a great fishing day.

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