Sunday, June 16, 2013

Middle Tennessee and the SEC

The Caney Fork: This river is showing some windows of low flows early in the day. This schedule is good, because we are seeing some lower water. The down side is the water is super clear and the fish are spooking easy. Longer leaders and longer tippets will even the playing field a little, but these conditions can be hard to overcome.
David came in from Colorado to float with Brent and me. As usual it was good to fish with the guys again and we boated some nice fish on a non-traditional float. Brent really put a whoopin on us most of the day and it seemed he was nymphing up a fish every time we came to a good stretch of river. So we let Brent row us for a while!

The Elk River: This river is seeing some heavy releases on weekdays. However, TVA has been looking out for us on the weekends. The flow is 240 CFS on the weekends and this is just a tad higher than we usually see in the Summer months. We give this flow 3 out 4 Thumbs up!
Nymphs, nymphs and nymphs have been bringing plenty of fish to the net. The extra flow is moving food downstream and the fish are eating when something floats their way. There are some nice fish at the access points too. This is unusual and it may not last long.  I wouldn't be in any hurry to get out if the water is more than 500 CFS.
Terrestrials haven't been too good to us this week. The fish just don't seem to be looking up and naturally I cannot resist trying to coax up the bigger fish on these meaty little treats. Yes it is still early, but I can't help myself. So the next couple weeks should be good fishing and it should be a good time to get out on the water. July is shaping up to be a good month!

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