Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Butch and Mike Chasing Tailwater Trout

Falling water! That's right up my alley and a great time to get on the river. Butch and Mike met me at the ramp and while I was running the shuttle the water turned off. The plan was was simple, fish falling water and catch trout throughout the day, until just before dark when the cold front would send the mercury into a tailspin.
Butch scored first and then again and again on a midge pattern. He also kept commenting on how Mike was usually ahead in the catching department when they get on the river. We rounded the first bend and Mike began picking up fish too. When a fish rose on some shallow water I asked Butch to throw in where the fish rose. Butch made a great cast and put the fly where I asked. Then Mike dropped his fly in the recently vacated spot  against the bank (the spot Butch just left) and scored a fish...Isn't just the way it goes sometimes.
The fish weren't big, but they were plentiful and had a lot of energy. When we would get into one fish we would usually pick up another. If there was a lull in the catching for a few minutes we would then make our move. The fish helped the guys use up some flies. Anytime the fishing is good we go through more flies, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. 
What about the weather? With late Fall and early Winter comes changing conditions. The weather changed several times throughout this float. When it would rain we would have to wait longer between catching. Sometimes the fish would all but shut down. Then when the rain would slack off the catching would pick up. Photos are a whole other story with the wet weather, but show proof the better fish eat when the rain is coming down.

We saw a really nice BWO hatch and the fish were eating them too. Most of the time we see midge hatches so the BWOs were good to see and made a wet day at the very least more interesting. Butch and Mike were fun to share the drifter with. They have been on several rivers and are outdoors men with more activities than just fly fishing. I am looking forward to getting on the river with these guys again.
We are waiting for water levels to rise enough to get the boat on the freestones so we can chase musky and Winter trout trips are upon us. If you want to set up a trip just email or call/text 615-796-5143 to get a day on the Caney Fork, Elk, Holston or Clinch rivers.

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