Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Caney Fork Fishing Report

The Elk River
TVA has been releasing water everyday and now they are dialing back the releases. The operating guide for Tims Ford is getting closer to winter pool. Falling water is a great time to get out there and fish. Oh and what about the cold weather, ice in the guides and sheets of ice in the floor of the drift boat? Those are just by-products of wintertime angling.

Falling water is a good time for wading anglers to swing a streamer for holdovers and anglers fishing from the boats can throw big meaty flies on full sinking lines. Arriving at the gravel bar after the water is turned off and has slowed to manageable flow is also a good time to swing a soft hackle or two. The rises have been fewer and farther between so we have kept the dry flies warming in the box for the most part. It's wintertime so get out there while the crowds are warming their feet by the fire.

The Caney Fork
The water from the sluice has been dingy and green, which isn't the best for fishing. We have been trying to fish as close to the feeding lanes as possible and dropping the fly on the trout's nose, so to speak, has been the best way to catch fish. Today as I write this forecast the Army Corps has turned off the sluice, hopefully for good. The release times will soon move to earlier hours and this gives us time to fish low water on the lower stretches of the river.

As Winter approaches nymphs are still working and nymphs with a midge dropper are catching fair numbers of fish. Dry spent midges are taking fish on top water when fished in certain pools on the river. This tactic doesn't work every day but does produce when the fish are feeding in the surface film.  

The river is not as crowded this time of year due to cooler weather and tougher fishing. With smaller crowds the high value areas are sometimes vacant on low water. With those vacancies a trip to the river can be worth it even on the coldest of days. So put on fleece for warmth and the wading jackets to block the wind and get out there!

We are moving toward big trout and musky as Winter is just around the corner. If you want to set up a trip just email or call/text 615-796-5143 to get a day on the water.

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