Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fly Fishing North Georgia

Howard and I talked not long ago and decided we would meet near Chattanooga, then we would go to North Georgia to fish. When I receive an invite to fish private waters comes around, lets just say, well, it didn't take me long to say yes. Earlier in the week we spoke again. Howard said the temperatures for the day on the water would be in the single digits and asked if I still wanted to go or book another day? Of course I wanted to go and before I could add only if he wanted to go, he said good we are on!
This was a to be a "frequent flyer" trip of sorts. I would leave Middle TN late on Thursday, spend the night, and fish in North GA all day, then drive back home that night.  We arrived at the motel late Thursday and 6 hours later we were at the local Huddle House for breakfast. On the way to the river the outside temps registered 6 degrees at 7:41 a.m. We were at the river a short time later and soon we were "layered-up" trying to beat the cold.
We were on the water and soon drifting nymphs to large fish. The set up would be a couple nymphs with some lead, all hanging under an indicator. The results were, well, real good. Howard was hooked up first and hooked up often. Our guide Andy was spot-on with his choice of flies and a short time later I was fishing to a pig that was resting on the edge of a seam.

Howard made sure Andy put me in good spots and I tried my best to take advantage of the hospitality. The morning consisted of dropping the flies in the zone, making a few passes, knocking the ice out of the guides and then hopefully catching a fish before the process knocking ice out of the guides would start all over again. It wasn't so much the ice building in the guides as it was ice building on the line, then getting caught in the guides. Either way it was a constant reminder not to "float your hat".
It was lunch before we knew it and after that "one more fish" we were sitting back where we started.  When we walked in Abby had an outstanding bowl of hot soup with all the accouterments waiting, along with the heaters on full blast. We warmed quickly and had good conversation, but there were fish to catch and other parts of the river to explore.
We packed the hand warmers in our gloves and pockets then we were off for round two. The fish didn't disappoint on the afternoon beats. Howard and I were quickly catching 'em again. We would try different flies. Some flies would produce and those that wouldn't were back in the warmth of the fly boxes. 

Late in the day we were in a productive stretch of river. Andy put me in position. He explained the proper cast and mend, then said go. I was able to follow his instruction and a big rainbow was soon destroying the tranquility of the pool with my fly lodged in the side of its mouth. After bringing the fish to the net we took the appropriate photos and then it was Howard's turn.-
Not to be out done Howard and Andy were dialing-in a big brown. After changing flies a few times Howard came tight on the fish they were stalking. That fish made several hard runs and explored some rocks, but Howard played the fish into some soft water and Andy slipped the net under the largest fish of the day. The brown was a beast that may have been the longest fish in our entire stretch of river. This fish ended our day on the Soque and put a nice cap on the the adventure.

Abby and Andy took good care of us throughout our day at Blackhawk. It was great to spend the day with Howard, both of us enjoying a cold but productive day on the river. Thanks to all three of you for a fantastic guides day off.
Winter trout trips are upon us and water levels for the most part improving daily. The temperature is hit or miss so some planning with flexibility is best.  If you want to set up a trip just send an email or call/text 615-796-5143 to get your day on the river.

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  1. I'm glad we didn't wimp out to the cold . It was great to have a chance to repay you for all the great days you have given me .

    What ever the weather or the reason for being there it's always rewarding to be on a river with a fly rod in your hand with good friends.