Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tennessee Fly Fishing

It feels like Tennessee and most of the South is in the midst of the coldest Winter since forever. It probably isn't that bad but some days I couldn't be convinced. Fish still have to eat and we still need to fish. 
The water temps are getting lower and probably slowing down the trout's metabolism, making them just a bit more tight lipped. They will chase a streamer and open their mouth for a nymph the bigger the offering the further they will move when the right streamer strikes their fancy.
The other day we were on the river with Adam from Coastal Angler, Middle TN and we were floating along when a large fish came out of some super-shallow water. It was a very large brown that was eating a stocker rainbow. Apparently the brown had cornered the little rainbow against the bank and was in the process of eating lunch. A dish of rainbow sushi or something like that.. 
The Elk River: The river is fishing pretty good for Winter and we are picking up fish most all the way through the upper float. There are stockers at the normal access points and if you can find a long enough window in the generation schedule it is a good way to pass the time. Soft hackles and nymphs will work pretty well, but anglers will have to be patient at times.
The Caney Fork: The USACoE is dumping large amounts of water. The schedule on some days goes from 3 generators. to two and onto one generator. The fish are eating. Nymphs fished tight to structure and deep will work, but it is good weather and water for streamers. Bring every color you have but start and stay with white, I'm just sayin...

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