Saturday, February 7, 2009

Five Dollars and a Guides’ Day Off

We had a death in the family last weekend and frankly I need some time away. Mark and Dan were going to drift the Caney Fork on Friday and invited me along. So I caught up on most of my work, some of my tying, then a few of my duties around the house and made my decision to go with them.

The day started out just right when I put on my newest fishing shirt and found $5.00 in the pocket. The money was freshly washed and crisp just like money gets when it has been washed and dried. I went off to meet a friend of mine for breakfast at Cracker Barrel like I do on most Fridays. Then I took my daughter to school and met Mark and Dan at the usual spot. So far the morning was going as planned.

Not A Cloud Around

It was a cloudless day with high pressure that seemed to be parked right over the river. At 60 degrees the only time it was even slightly uncomfortable was when the wind would gust.

One of the Browns

We dropped the boat and were soon off to fly fish the Caney Fork River with streamers. Our plan was to choose any color streamer as long as it was white, but before the day was over we had run the gamut of the color chart, settling on an off-white color for the majority of the float. I needed to check out some new patterns & colors for an upcoming trip. I went through the color chart more than once and found out I could use a few more colors and shades of colors…..OK that’s an excuse for more flies.

A Rainbow & My Wilson on Home Improvement Impression

The fish seemed to key in on different colors throughout the day and in different parts of the river. Browns vary in color and seem to adapt their color to their environment. This helps them blend-in and keep them camouflaged when needed. The colors on some of the fish we caught were stunning and Dan did an outstanding job as usual behind the lens.

Brown Trout

Well that’s about it for me this morning. My day will be spent washing the dogs and tying flies for tomorrow as well as an upcoming Arkansas trip to the Little Red. It is probably going to be crowed, but get out there, find a place in the conga line, and catch a fish or two.

Mark thanks for giving me the opportunity to come along and have a nice day behind the rod. And Dan thanks for snapping photos, coaching and rowing.

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