Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Caney Fork Fishing report, Catching On Top Water

We Boated a Bunch of These on a Partly Cloudy Day

I took Glen K. from Brooklyn, NY to the Caney Fork for a half day float. Glen proved from the first cast that he was an accomplished angler. He placed the fly within a foot of where I asked and we were off.

I Think This Brown was Trying to Bite Me!

We stayed on the upper part of the float for quite a long time as Glen made quick work of the stocked rainbows. We fished nymphs early and caught fish often. After we tested his reflexes for a while we moved down river seeing some familiar faces along the way.

Still Waters on a Sunday Afternoon

I put Glenn on streamers next, however we did not spend a long period of time with them because the water was falling and almost still in some places. The low water gave the bigger trout plenty of time to inspect before they struck and in my humble opinion the larger fish are easier to fool when the moving water makes them strike out of reflex.

Glen Completed the Slam with this Brook Trout

As we moved past the many shoals I switched Glen over to a top water rig with a midge dropper. Glen completed the slam with a nice little brookie, then the first good brown struck the top water fly. We keyed into the top water action for most of the rest of the trip, only bringing out the nymphs one more time.

Glen Wasn't Into Having His Picture Snapped, But This Brown Sure Seemed To Like It

The canoe hatch was heavy in the late afternoon and as you can see by the photos there were certainly people out and enjoying the Caney Fork River.

One Jumped Off & Two Fell Off...

As the the afternoon wore on we continued with the top water action and Glenn was able to land a few very healthy browns to round out the day. It was an excellent day on the river. And, although the Caney Fork is not really known for top water action, on this trip our top water offerings really saved the day in the bigger fish department.

A Nice Brown to End the Day

Glenn it was a pleasure fishing with you and I am looking forward to our next float!

Caught & Released

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  1. Did I hear the words "top water?" Music to my dry fly ears...

  2. Yes, this will be something you will be very interested in doing. We will talk in the coming days. Dang you are up early!

  3. My computer woke me up when it heard the words "top water." You know how it is with us dry fly lunatics....can't wait to make a plan soon!