Monday, August 3, 2009

Caney Fork Stripers & Trout

The Caney Fork on One generator and a Sluice

One of Dan's Back...Brown Trout

We received some rain here in Middle Tennessee last week and the Army Corps rewarded us with some high water. Anyone who knows me, has fished with me or read this blog knows I am somewhat addicted with high water. So, I called Mark and he was in for a late afternoon float. I called Dan, pulled him away from his most recent Brook Trout painting and we all three left M'boro at 1:00 p.m. By 2:00 we were casting a nymph and streamer at the ramp while Mark ran the truck to Happy Hollow for the shuttle.

Early in the Float

Our plan was to throw Big Ugly Streamers for the afternoon and although we did not catch the big numbers of fish, we did catch some quality fish. including a bass, stripers and Dan's run of three browns in 15 minutes.

One of Mark's Stripers

Just before dark I hooked up with a screaming fish that promptly broke my 12 lb tippet. Then we switched sides of the river upon Mark's request. Dan positioned the boat just right. I was fortunate to step up to the front casting platform and after a couple casts of my 6 weight Echo 2SW was hooked up on a large fish. When we landed it, shortly after dark, we had the largest striper I had ever caught. I just love throwing those Big Ugly Streamers!

This One Took my Streamer Pattern Just Before Dark

Oh and by the way we were lucky to catch the right generation. The flow is now reducing and we caught some nice fish while the US Army Corps actually gave us what we wanted for a short time. The water should be back to normal Summer flows and good for nymphing over the next several weeks. But, if the water cooperates you can bet I'll have the Echo Rod in my hand and throwing something that grabs those larger fish's attention!

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Caught & Released

No Fish Were Harmed In the Making of This Trip.....other than a ripped lip or two


  1. Awesome striper! I'll bet that thing was a beast on the 6 weight...

  2. Wow! What a striper! Very cool!


  3. It was a handful on a 6 weight. The one that broke the line a few minutes before that was the one I couldn't do anything with though. We sure wanted to see it too.