Sunday, September 13, 2009

Caney Fork River

Guil and Clyde Ready to Fish After Lunch

I fished with Clyde and Guil who both came in from North Alabama to fish the Caney Fork. I picked them up at their rental cabin and we were floating by 7:30 a.m. The first thing we noticed was the water was still stained. It looked quite muddy and almost looked like it looked a couple years ago, about the time the lake was turning over. But, it seems a little early for the lake to turn (and I don't want to start any rumors), so we will chalk this one up to a few hard rains on the Plateua.

A Low Water Offering

We fished the usuals early and Clyde, who hasn't been on the long rod too much, was the first to boat a fish. With the low water the blue gills are out in force in the upper part of the river. Clyde boated the blue gill, which barely made it back into the water after a brief discussion of deep fried fish. Next Clyde boated a nice brook trout for his first trout of the day.

A Fish Puts a Bend in the Fly Rod for Clyde

Guil was on the long rod early but was also very good with a spinning rod and played with an assortment of spinners and plugs throughout the day. Guil was into the browns most of the day as they chased his offerings. Most of the folks we saw on the river reported slow to no fish.

The Brooks are Beginning to get Their Color for Fall

Reports of one trip earlier of "no fish between Happy & Betty's", which could be the result of the stained water. The water should clear up soon and the river should be back to normal when the water does clear a little.

Guil on the Fly Rod

When we hit the Chute, toward the end of the trip, the trout began to rise. The fish were sipping some midges, hitting mayflys and caddis. After we played with the stockers for a while we called it a day so the guys could get that steak they had been discussing since breakfast.

Caught & Released

Guil and Clyde it was pleasure fishing with you. Clyde hang in there on the fly rod your cast really looks good and hope to see you both on the Elk.

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  1. Interesting comment about the water color...I thought the same thing about the lake turning over when I fished it on Thursday. I fished just below the dam on low water and it was off color. Not many places the mud can be coming from. The only other alternative is that perhaps it is associated with the ongoing repairs to the dam... Despite it being early for the lake to turn over, this has been a cool summer so who knows...

  2. It was the same way yesterday, dingy looking and low visability. The color is really bad when they turn loose the release from the dam. I am not sure if the color is coming from the sluice or from the generator, or both. Hopefully, over time it will clear up.

    David P.