Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fly Boxes & Trips

After we came back from Townsend the week flew by.....I am not sure where it went, but tomorrow I am back on the river, then off a couple days and back on with a couple of repeat clients on Monday. I had a re-schedule Saturday, so I hope to slip out for an afternoon of top-water action Saturday afternoon, but we will see.

I stopped by Cumberland Transit and picked up an Orvis rod this week as a spare for the boat. The conversation came around to the Orvis Hydros and it looks like I will be putting a couple on the boat for folks to use once the rods come out, if I don't find something more appealing. So, we will see what is on the boat before we hitch the drifter up for our Fall trip to Arkansas.

Most of you who know me, understand that I am a self-confessed fly junkie. I got another batch of flies in today and tied up a hatch of my own this past week. Now I am looking in the drifter, on the bench, and in bags, oh and in yellow shipping envelopes and realized I am in need of another fly box. So, I was cruising Marshall's site and found this tid-bit of info. This has my interest peaked to say the least. Zach Matthews has been working overtime on the product reviews and comes up with some really good stuff. If you have a good system for a fly box, by all means, please let me know what you like.

Alright time to load the boat, get coolers packed and throw the flies in storage and get ready to hit the river!

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