Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Double Haul Awards (part III)

The Quick Draw

Jamie and Rachel have fished with us several times over the past couple years and I have had the pleasure of watching them grow as anglers. They have produced some of the best mends and the last trip of this year I notice their hook sets were lightning fast. Fast hook sets, like a quick draw; bring results, even when the fishing is slow. Rachel bagged the biggest trout on this trip and had the quickest hook set I have seen in a while.

The Nastiest Surgical Procedure on the River

So, here's the story. I had a guy (who will remain nameless) on the boat for a half day trip. The first half of the day was good for hatchery brats, but only a few notable fish had been brought to the net. We were fishing tandem rigs and as the trip wound-down the action began to pick-up. We caught several nice browns and had just boated two over 19" in a row. We decided we would throw streamers where we had seen some nice fish and I backed the boat up the river to hit the good spots again.

We decided on yellow, for those bigger browns, and out came the streamer rod. On the third cast I saw the fly come through the boat right in front of me. My feet were on the cooler and as the fly came through the rowers area, I felt a stinging in my shin. The streamer was a size #2 hook and was stuck past the bend of the hook, all the way up to the material on the shank.

Then came the minor surgery... I poked the barb through the back side of my skin, we were able to cut the shank in two and then pull the hook out the second hole. Then we finished out the day and I went for the yearly tetanus the next day. The photo is not real clear, but at least I was thinking clearly enough to get the shot.

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