Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tying Articulated Streamers (just some basics)

Several people have asked me to show how to attach articulated streamers. Although I don't mind showing how I do it, the best thing for anyone to do is purchase Kelly Galloup's Tying Articulated Streamers . Kelly is certainly one of the best in the country at this stuff.

Here are a couple shots that show the materials, I use, for attaching the front and rear hooks and a couple shots of the process.

The Materials

  1. A completed rear section of an articulated fly (just make it up as you go)
  2. 5x Floro- (The materials can be pulled tight with floro)
  3. Red beads (go to Hobby Lobby and buy them in bulk)
  4. .015" Bead Stringing Wire (can't beat it for $7.00 @ Hobby Lobby)
  5. Front Hook (I like to use straight eye's and short....think saltwater)
The Connection
  1. Slide the wire through the eye of the rear hook and pull (this will make a pocket/bend in the wire. But not too tight. You will know when it is right)
  2. Add 3 or 4 or the red beads (really any color works)
  3. Tie the wire into the front hook (be sure the eyes of both hooks are level with each other)
  4. Run the wire through the eye of the front hook
  5. Wrap the floro to the eye of the front hook and capture the wire
  6. Fold the wire back toward the rear of the hook
  7. Wrap the floro to back of the front hook and capture the wire on the bottom at the same time
  8. Add some super glue to smooth out the wraps and give some bite to the materials

Now It Is Ready to Build the Front Portion of the Fly

That's how I've been building the articulated streamers. Is it right or wrong? Who knows, but the flies have great action when they are stripped! Let me know if this helps and if you have any questions just shoot me an email or give me a call.

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  1. Looks like I'll be heading to Hobby Lobby soon... Thanks for the instructions!

  2. Good stuff! I've tried using hard mono and dacron backing but I like this way best.

  3. Kelly Galloup came up with this system for fly tying streamer flies. Just finishing a new video on tying articulated streamers that has a few more tips on making this connection plus some new great patterns. You might take a look when the trailer on "Steroids on Streamers" hits you tube and is up on flyfishtv.