Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chasing the White Bass

Dan and I hit some local water searching for what was said to be the end of the white bass run. I don't get out on the local streams as much as the tailwaters, but missing a good run of fish is something that will pull me off a trout stream from time to time. Dan has a motive of catching a big smallmouth on a local stream, which he attests to on the latest podcast.

The Local Waters

Dan scouted the stream last week a few times last week while I was at the Watauga for the Angler's Weekend. So, when we got to the river he dialed me in real quick. I fished a six weight with Airflow floating line and started with a white Clouser. The Clouser hooked up quick on a red eye and the bite was on....well it was consistent for me anyway.

The First White Bass of the Day
I stayed with the white Clouser for the first part of the evening, but after a lull in the action it was time to fish my favorite color on most rivers....yellow. The yellow Clouser brought several fish to hand including the days best largemouth. Yellow seemed to work best in moving water while white seemed to dominate the slower pools.

The Water was Pretty Clear

Another of the Local Offerings

Open Up and Say Aaaahhh
Yellow Strikes the Biggest Largemouth of the Evening

After fishing yellow and having some luck, it was time to try a theory my grandfather taught me. He says when the fish are biting real good, that is the time to try different things. With this in mind and with the sun going down on an unfamiliar waters....and the big striper dominating the pool below us, I switched to chartreuse to end the evening.
We both caught a few more fish, then we headed back to the trail for the 15 minute walk back to the truck. It was a nice evening of wading with a good friend, who is as familiar with these local streams as anyone I know. We saw lots of wildlife including an osprey and a mature bald eagle. The eagle is the third eagle I have seen in as many trips. Trips that include rivers in Middle and Upper East Tennessee. It's good to be outside again and enjoying the springtime weather!

The Final Fish of the Evening

Caught & Released

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