Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mid-Week Caney Fork Streamer Float

The Joys of Boat Ownership

We had a blowout on a boat trailer bearing and after the purchase of the new hub, the boat was back and ready for some action. Every hub change needs to be checked, so Dan and I loaded the boat and took the trailer on a test run. As luck would have it we ended up at the river....imagine that, and it just so happened we had the streamer lucky could we get? And, the Army Corps was cranking one generator. What else could we do but launch the boat and hit the river...

Dan at the Super-Secret Bass Location
We started out at the dam and worked our way down the river (no kidding? floating down river in a drifter...) The streamers we put to the test as we drowned fly after fly. There wasn't much to report on the opening leg of the trip other than Dan's bass that were caught at the location that remains unknown....or take a look at the picture above and figure it out. (insert smiley face here)

The Cave and Waterfall Are Not Supposed to Be Affected in the Dam Repairs

The Biggest Beaver I Have Seen on the Caney

Finally we got into some action with the trout. We were throwing big old nasty streamers made of marabou and deer hair. The plan was to bang the banks and hit the shoals when we would pass them. The fish weren't the most active, but hey it was a good evening to test out the repairs on the boat trailer...

A Unique Brown Trout

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