Monday, November 22, 2010

Tailwater Soft Hackle

I just found a good soft hackle on Steven Dally's site and decided to try my hand at the pattern. It has been a long time since I tied a soft hackle, but it turned out pretty the vise anyway. Mine is probably a little different than Steven's pattern. Below is a list of the stuff I used:

  • Hook- Size #12 Nymph Hook....I think (It was laying on the bench and looked about the right size for a soft hackle)

  • Thread- Red (what's a soft hackle pattern without a red butt?)

  • Body- Copper Wire and Green Wire laid side by side and then wrapped forward together (this should get the fly down in the water column where the big ones are supposed to be...and makes for great segmentation)

  • Thorax- Peacock Herl (behind the hackle, you can't see it but the fish can....we hope)

  • Hackle- Aged Partridge (That stuff has to be 5 years old. It was either use it or not see it again for another 5 years)

  • Collar- Green Dubbing (for a collar in front of the hackle, it makes a good,,,well a good "collar")

  • Head- More red thread (or whatever color the fish in your river like)

If you tie the pattern let me know how it fishes. By the time I remember I tied the thing, it will probably be hopper season again!

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