Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fall Fishing on the Caney Fork

The First Brookie in a While
Anthony, Steve and I went to the river a couple weeks back. The day started early, very early, as we got to the river early to try and beat the pulse. The plan was to start the float early and get off the water when the pulse hit or slightly thereafter. The plan worked to perfection. Anthony and Steve both caught several fish, but Steve was holding the hot stick for the majority of the day.

The Drifter Early in the A.M.

NOTED: a Good Spot During Generation

With streamer season on top of us, I took advantage of the low water float and made note of the different structure in the river. There are some good holding spots along the rocks and stumps as well as a lot of downed trees on this section of the river. The bigger fish will relate to structure, although not always for cover. Some of the larger browns will sit in the breaks of current and rest, as they wait for night and their next opportunity to feed. Some larger browns will sit right out in the open and wait for their next opportunity to feed. Structure increases the percentage of catching, when pursuing bigger fish.

Anthony Boated this Rainbow Early in the Float

Anthony Hooked Up
The guys hooked up with fish on nymphs, midges and egg patterns. We have been fishing eggs a little here and there this Fall and doing OK with them. Several weeks back I even hooked up with a decent brown trout on an egg pattern, but the fish jumped a time or two and threw the fly, so we keep trying to hook up with the larger fish on eggs.
Anthony hooked up a brown on a streamer right down from the ramp, however it is not the brown I have had my eye on for the past few months. It will come though.

The Leaves Win
As the day wore on and the push of generation began to hit us, we noticed the leaves picking up. The leaves were not only floating on top of the water, they were also through all the points in the water column, as the push of 5300 + CFS began to pick up the current. We fished as long as we could, but eventually we ended up just floating and looking at the eagles, squirrels and of course looking for big fish...

Oh Yeah, We Can't Forget the First Fish

Fall, Along the Caney Fork River


  1. Great report and pics to go with it. Very nice.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Great report and it was a blast fishing with you guys. Now give me my midge back. :-)

  3. Thanks Ryan. Glad you came back to look around.

    Steve, I am not sure which midge you are referring to. You know I would never cut another anglers fly right off the end of their line, while taking it out of a fishes lip...