Monday, March 14, 2011

Effective Nymph Angling Instruction

There is not a more productive technique for catching trout than the nymph. Yet, without the proper techniques nymph angling can be frustrating. Tailwater Nymph Techniques combines riverside and on the river nymphing instruction to help the participants become a more effective tailwater nymph angler. Improve your catch rate and increase confidence by learning such topics as:
Fishing to the Trout Diet
Reading Any Tailwater
Leaders-Tippets & Knots
To Dropper or Not
Indicators & Fly Selection
Weight placement
Perfecting the Dead Drift
Enjoy an afternoon of nymph fishing theory and instruction with your personalized class.
The cost is $125.00 per angler and $200.00 for two anglers. The class maximum is two anglers per session. To reserve your afternoon class times on the Elk or Caney Fork email David or call at 615.692.3088 for more information.

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