Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Springtime Trout-n-Trash Floats

This year we are going to book trips on the Caney for Trout-n-Trashfish.
What is the trash? Well, they are not really trashfish they are stripe, smallmouth, largemouth, white bass, carp and the list goes on and on. These species make their way up the Caney in the Spring and mix in with the trout. If you want to get an idea of what the float might look like, take a look at the reports from April and May of 2010.

How will you know when the fish arrive & it is time to book the trip? Get on the "Will Call" list and we will let you know.

What is "Will Call"? It simply means when you decide you want to chase Trout-n-Trash just drop an email to david@southeasternfly.com or call 615.796.5143 get on the list. Once the fish are in the right location and within casting range, we will set the date for your Trout-n-Trash Float.

It is really that simple. Anglers are already getting on the list. If you want to make 2011 the Year of Getting Out There and join us to chase trout-n-trash just send us an email .

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