Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Stones River- Fishing for Those Other Fish

The water level reports are more like broken records. You know broken records, like the old days, the vinyl kind of recordings that scratched and some of the older records that you could her the dirt in the recording? For those who are too young to remember what happens when a record is broken, here's what is meant by this common saying.


The needle is placed on the vinyl, the turntable starts rotating and the record begins to play music. The when the needle comes to the crack in the vinyl the needle jumps out of the groove and it needle picks up the sound again. Only the needle plays the same notes it just played, because the needle cannot move forward on the disk. The needle can only go back to the prior grooves. The needle hits crack again and the process is repeated until the listener physically takes the needle off the vinyl.***

The water level in the lakes is still high from the rains last week, the week before and two weeks before that. The Obey River is running two generators....still. The Caney Fork is running three and the Elk is running 2000 CFS. We will be on the Elk this week fishing streamers and I will get a report out to let everyone, who stops by here, know what the Elk looks like. Tomorrow we will try to beat the rain, wind and certainly the lightening. But, for now let's talk warm water fly fishing...

He's going to show up with a coffee can full of worms.

(A River Runs Through It)

A Guides Day Off- There were no trips on the books, the drifter was in the garage (and dirty) and I just wanted to fish. So, I talked with Mark late in the week and he said he and Donnie were going to a float the Stones. I managed to work my way into the back seat of the skiff and promised to row a little for the opportunity to wake up late, row a little and fish a lot. ***

I met Mark the Southeastern Fly Satellite Office (the local Kroger parking lot) and we went across town to the "ramp". We dumped the drifter and I stayed behind while Mark went to meet the shuttle. I pulled out the streamer rod and immediately went to work from the bank...A Bank Maggot, if you will.

The Second Cast- My First Crappie of the Year

The TFO-BVK with a full sinking line was my weapon of choice. The fly- it was a left- over from a recent trip to the Elk and when I realized it would take a short time to change the fly, well I decided the fly was the right color, the size and it stayed on the end of the 12 lb test until I hung it high in a tree after lunch. I tried two flies of the same pattern, size and color. We would tell you exactly what the fly was, but that might ruin your fun. I can tell you this- warm water fish will hit most any color, as long as it is yellow...

A Redeye-Called a Redeye because of the...

Donnie Fought This One for Several Minutes Before It Gave Up

One of Several Bass We Caught Several White Bass Just Like This One
This Would Make A Great Natural Trout Stream

The Big Fish of the Day

So, we fished most of the day. Mark tried several patterns and spinning gear and Donnie stayed on spinning gear all day. I stayed on the same pattern, same color, same rod and reel combo all day. It was a good day for me. Not only because I didn't have to worry with my boat and the logistics. But, because I was able to just be lazy, stay with the basics of swimming the fly, the hookset and taking in a new river. Donnie it was nice to fish with you and Mark, thanks again for letting me tag along on a good day out.

What Did You Think Was in the Can? Worms? Really?

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