Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Warm Water Report

Looks Like the Spilling at Tims Ford Should Be Reduced Soon

The water has been going down for several days, in spite of some daily showers. I am ready for a tailwater drought, so we can get down to business with these cicadas I have been tying. The Caney Fork is running three generators 24-7. The water levels are high and pretty much not a safe bet. Some anglers are taking boats out, but I think we will stay on the warm water streams and hit the tailwaters that are dialing back some water.

A Spring on a Local Lake

Anthony and I went to a local TWRA lake for some panfish and bass action. The day started with a trip to the local market for a daily permit. If you plan to fish a TWRA lake, make sure to stop and pay the daily license for access. We started out on streamers and only had one flash. After a dry spell I changed to a popper and had a little action. Then we dropped a BHPT off the popper and picked up some fish almost immediately. The popper=dropper was a success for panfish, but no as effective for bass.

This Fish Inhaled a Rather Large Popper

Anthony proved he was the warm water King. When he tied on the popper Anthony's game came alive. He started picking up fish and then when the evening hatch turned on Anthony kicked it into a whole other gear. Before the hatch was over Anthony had picked up a couple bass and a bunch of bluegill. Although I cannot give away his secrets, Anthony did prove color is critical when hitting those warm water lakes.

The Popper King

So we set up on a point and when the fish keyed in on some mayflies, we went to work on some topwater action. The point was some of the most shallow water in the lake, so the fish didn't have to look far to see our offerings. When we finally got off the water and got the drifter loaded onto the trailer, the geese were active but we were the last anglers on the property. It was a great day to be out and a good way to spend an afternoon.

Check back for a Troutfest and Smokies report...

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  1. David, looking forward to hearing about Troutfest and the Smokies. I wasn't able to make it up this year...hope to make it to the Park soon though...