Monday, September 12, 2011

Elk River, Caney Fork River Fishing

This Rainbow Just Has Nice Color & It Ain't Small
First things first. We have been back out on the water and have several trips going in the next few days, so this report may be more basic and to the point, with pictures of course.... Here we go.
Dan in His Usual Pose, With Fish On
The Obey- The Army Corps is dialing back the generation and there should be some windows of opportunity in the near future, but be on your toes and ready to leave at a moments notice if you are traveling any distance to the river at all. Try nymphs, small midges and watch for generation. Also, stop by the hatchery and take a look at all those future catches! I will be ready to get up there in the next few weeks if everything goes according to plan.
Some of the Tools Needed for Trout Fishing

The Elk River- The area around the Elk River received some much needed rain, therefore so did the Elk. The water is just starting to clear and if there isn't too much rain in the next few days,  the water should clear by the weekend. The river is running a cool 58 degrees, in the flow, for most of the upper section. The fish are taking nymphs and there are a good number of hatchery brats in the upper section. Better get there quick though because they don't seem to last long in that area. The river could use a few hours of generation to clean the gravel bottom and knock out some of the weeds.  So if you TVA folks are reading this, well a nice 3 hours of flushing, preferably at night, would be of great benefit.
That's Dan Again, This Time With a Rainbow That Ate Topside
The Caney Fork River- The river is coming back to life after a Summer of canoe rentals and tourons seeking thrills and adventures. OK, seriously, the river is fishing pretty good. The hatchery brats are enjoying their lives just steps from the ramp where they were dumped.  The holdovers that we all know and love are holding, well not right by the ramps but in the usual spots. We measured the water temperatures 30 minutes after the generation stopped, while we were at the dam, rigging rods the other day. The thermometer was 4 feet down and laying on the bottom and it measured 60 degrees.  
Another Rainbow

I tried my best to remember to take the temps farther down river, but we were busy rowing the boat, catching fish and smoking cigars and I just plain forgot. Let's just say it was cool enough for trout to eat and I will try to remember to get a downstream reading in a couple days, when we are back on the Caney again. 
Oh Deer

We had a lot of shots at nice fish and hooked up with a bunch on the Caney the last time out there.  I get in trouble when I start getting bored, so I have really been into some new dry fly techniques that are just starting to work. The flies are small, hard to see, hard to keep a fish on, but when the fish eat it is a great thing. Don't forget to try beetles too. Yes, the cat is out of the bag and the beetles (not the Let It Be guys from across the pond) the terrestrial type, are getting some attention. Keep the nymphs close as well because most of the action takes place down low in the water column.
The Rainbows Are Hungry Right Now
The One That Got Away- this a true fish story, if there is such a thing.  And let's face it, anyone who has read this report to right here deserves a good fish story. Dan and I were fishing the other day. We were fishing to feeding fish and daylight was limited. We were fishing water that another boat had just pounded for about 45 minutes or so and surprisingly we were getting some eats. The new dry fly technique worked so I was happy and it was Dan's turn to row, so I was happy again. Anyway, daylight was fading and sometimes it just didn't seem like a great idea to row 3 miles in the dark. So, we left the "spot of the feeding fish" and it was my turn to stand in the front casting brace and wave the stick.

We went downstream a bit and somehow I hooked up, don't ask me how it just happens some times. The fish was big enough to put a major bend in the BVK and we both got a look at a nice fat trout! I should have horsed the fish when I had the chance but the reel screaming overtook me and the straight down dives of the fish really did not give me the right opportunities to get it in the net. So the fish fought on and took one of my best trained flies to the bottom and tried to drown it! After a few minutes of grouper like diving the fish got me in a snag and broke off 12 lb leader. After closer inspection the fish also bent two guides on the rod and broke one of the other guides at the base of the foot. In short, the fish won, but at least we were Gettin Out There.
Clear Skies, Good Light and a Talented Photographer

Life is Good Waiving the Stick

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