Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jim and Alex

Alex Hooked Up Early
Jim sent an email requesting a trip for himself and his grandson Alex. We decided on the where's and when's and I picked the guys up at their motel. The weather for the morning called for heavy rains with thunderstorms early and then a 50% chance of nasty weather the rest of the day. The radar was pulled up on my phone from the time I woke up until we arrived at the gravel bar to launch the boat. The water clarity was not as good as I hoped but there was enough clarity for the fish to see the nymphs and anything that was on the swing in their general area. 
Alex Making the Snit (Standard Nine Inch Trout) Look as Big as Possible
While I was gone to run the shuttle both the guys hooked up and before we launched the drifter both had shaken off the cobwebs and landed some fish. The mission for the day was to help a grandfather and grandson celebrate a recent Eagle Scout and to help Alex with his casting and mending. The better part of the early morning was dedicated to Alex as he worked on his casting technique. Alex was a good listener and his casting improved as he took the advice and modeled it to his on liking. Jim was patient as he waited in the backseat of the drifter watching the progress.
Waiting for Release
The fish cooperated throughout the day with a few dry spells for rowing and enjoying a Snickers Bar. Jim was on with excellent casts and good mends. He also worked the fish with an occasional slight lift of a dead drifted nymph. The water clarity was not great with an early morning shower as well as showers a few days prior to the float. The brookies responded to almost anything moving. Jim was dialed in before lunch and quickly got himself into double digits. 
Jim Waiting for the Next Spot
The Guys Taking a Well Deserved Break
We fished pretty hard throughout the morning. Alex was coming around and working on his timing while Jim continued to pick the right places for fish. We had a dry spell in the catching and made a switch to hoppers. We got some nasty refusals early but the guys stuck with the terrestrials I picked the spots and the guys dropped the hoppers in the right places. The fish responded to the meaty offerings as thunderstorms began to build again. We gauged the thunder for pace and tried to determine which way the storms were moving. Finally we gave in and made the final move to the takeout.
Hopper Action

The day was good and we all commented how early in the morning we weren't sure if we would even get to fish. The storms came early and late, but for the most part left us to fish throughout the day. Jim is already an accomplished angler. Alex improved his casting ten-fold. He was getting some distance at the beginning of the day and as the day wore that distance improved by the mile. His fly placement also improved greatly and with some more time on a fly rod he will be very good at this lifelong pass-time we call fly fishing.
Meaty Rainbows

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