Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tig, Howard and the Dry Fly

Tig Hooked Up Almost Immediately
Howard came back again to fish and this time he brought his granddaughter Tig. Howard is the dry fly aficionado  and after a few minutes it was obvious Tig just likes to catch fish. We launched under cloudy skies which were a result of a quick moving front The wind came and went throughout the day as the duo drifted down the river. 
Recently Stocked Hatchery Brats
The water was cool and clear, which is what trout like. The fog on the river only added to a great afternoon float. While Howard fished a dry dropper, Tig started with nymphs. She was hooked almost immediately and had the slam real early in the float. The nymph just kept attracting fish and Tig was setting the hook on a regular basis. The fish weren't quite as interested in the dry so we switched Howard to a big stone fly pattern that he picked up down South. The stone fly hooked up with some fish as we moved along to some dry fly water. 
Next Year These Will Have Some Size
Foggy Evening on the River
I slipped the drifter into a position where some fish eat on top. While I was rigging Howard's dry fly, Tig dropped a nymph at the end of the riffle and produced a nice brown. OK Howard was ready for action with an Adams, that I had picked out the week before, just for this occasion. The spot has several different currents and a dead spot between the good water and the boat. Howard figured out the currents pretty quick and dropped the small Adams in the right seam. The brown rose and slurped the fly, Howard set the hook and the line came tight. The fight was decisive and over quick. That's what it is all about.
One of Many
I am not sure why we like the dry fly so much. The take on top is something we look forward too on each trip, specially this time of the year. A fishing trip isn't always about catching fish or so they say. Sometimes it is about that fish that we see rise and position itself just in the right spot and take the fly. Just like we read about in the books, see on TV and on some Summer days just like we see it in real life.

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