Monday, September 17, 2012

Caney Fork Fishing Report and Elk River Fishing Report

Brook Trout Goodness
The Elk River- The water in the Elk River needs a good flush and about 50 more CFS wouldn't hurt. The bottom is pretty nasty and wading means, find a spot and stay there until every piece of water you want to fish, is fished and then move on. Fishing and moving upstream helps with the nasty bottom scum. The water temps are still about 50 degrees at the gravel bar below the Highway 50 bridge and at Farris Creek bridge they are consistently below 70 degrees.
Late Evening on the River
The fish on the Elk are still taking midges and nymphs. Swinging a soft hackle will work, but don't forget downstream fishing is a bit mucky (mucky- there's a fishing term). Hoppers are still taking fish but the numbers are not as good as we like (are the numbers ever enough?). We are still doing all day trips on the Elk and they are starting at 8:00 a.m. and ending just before dark. It is a long trip and a long day, but the results can be very good and the river has less traffic than others in Middle Tennessee.
This Hopper is About 2 & 1/2" Long
Large Rainbows on Small Dries

Donnie Hooked Up....Often
The Caney Fork- The river is running clear and the generation throughout the week keeps the bottom clear. We haven't taken the temperature on this river in a while. We were down by the ball fields a few weeks back and the temp at 8:00 a.m. was 64 degrees. This reading was after the water had fallen all the way out. So the water in the middle and upper sections of the river should be real comfortable for the trout.  I will try to remember to take it on the next float.
Center Hill Dam
We have been fishing nymphs a lot on the Caney and the hatchery brats have been responding real well. When anglers have gotten their share of "nymphing for stockers" we move onto sight fishing for trophy trout. Things don't always go our way, but on some trips everything falls into place and we get some nice fish to the boat. And, most every time we've had several shots at a 20 + fish. Right now is a good time to be on the river, the water is clear and the fish have been responding real good for us. Most others are reporting good numbers as well. Don't expect as many canoes, however the number of anglers has increased. Expect some company all along the river from the dam to at least Stonewall Bridge. We have a couple of open dates, for half day trips, with good generation left in September and a few in October. If anyone is itching to get out for some Fall fishing call, email or text to book your trip.
It is Right There in Black & White

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