Monday, September 24, 2012

River Report

Resting Before Floating Through a Real Tight Spot
We headed out for some warm water fishing this week. We took the big rods looking for some toothy critters and took some intermediate rods looking for some smallies. The toothy critters did not cooperate, although we did have one get all-over a streamer pattern, but it didn't eat. I stopped by Cumberland Transit this week and made the mistake of talking with Leo and Grumpy about sunglasses. After trying some on and finding out they were on sale, I walked out with a new pair of Costa's. Look down the page and see the on the river test photos to compare no polarize to polarized. Next comes the in the water test. 
Fish Tails
Caney Fork River- After the rain last week the US Army Corps has turned up the releases. They are releasing a generator and the big sluice. The release is at 6800 cfs but the water is clear. Launching a boat on this release can be dangerous. I talked to a friend of mine who launched a boat and said it was so rough, water was coming over both sides as they backed out to get in the river flow. On this release, if you just have to fish, I recommend using the ramp by the Long Branch Campground. The water rips by this ramp, but the waves have settled down by the time the water gets there, and there is a back eddy that keeps things more tame on the initial launch. It is a good idea to wear a life jacket on this flow too. The water is clear and cool, so catching nice fish certainly isn't out of the question. I wouldn't get out there and we are not running any trips on the Caney right now.
Without Polarized Glass
With Amber Polarized Glasses
The Elk River- This river is going through its Fall period. There is still some nastiness on the river bottom and the water has turned that green dingy color. This happens every year or at least since I have been fishing below Tims Ford Dam. The Elk resembles more of a freestone stream than a tailwater this time of year. There hasn't been a release in quite some time and the run-off from the feeder creeks can have a drastic effect on the water clarity in this smallish tailwater. The last rain event pushed some gravel bars around where the feeder creeks come in and that has changed the channel a bit. You may need to relearn the bottom structure in some places. Visibility is tough right now, however the water is cool and the fish are liking that cool water. Fishing nymphs is working and as usual swinging a soft hackle produces fish. Fall is upon us now and before we know it the streamer trips will begin. Stay tuned for upcoming reports...
We Caught Some of These

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  1. Man, I've been thinking about chasing the musky the last few days. May have to move back to Tennessee just to do those about epic!!! Glad you were able to get out...