Monday, November 19, 2012

Elk River Fishing Report

Waiting for the Next Cast
The Caney Fork- The big sluice gate has been closed. On the November 5th report I posted a photo from the top of Center Hill Dam. The photo shows the dingy green water coming from the sluice and the clear water coming from the generator. With the sluice turned off the water in the river is clear. We all like clear water and we like to think the fish like the clear water too. It is a lot of fun to stand in the casting braces on the drifter and look search the river for fish.  If we can see the fish, the fish can see us. Well sort of...
Lots of Brookies
The clear water demands stealth. When wading take your time and try not to generate too many waves when moving from place to place. If you see a fish take a few minutes from the time you arrive and  the first cast. If you are fishing a nymph or a dry, take additional time between casts and drifts. If the fish doesn't strike on a drift, let the drift get as far below the hole as possible before setting up for the next cast. 
Fishing Blow-Downs
The release at Center Hill is all about falling water right now. Falling water is outstanding for floating. Nymphs drifted close to structure and the bank is a recipe for success. The fish hold close to structure until the water levels out and get used to the new flow. Don't leave out the shoals of course when swinging those soft hackles. The future generation looks like it will be lower starting on Thanksgiving Day and hopefully through the Thanksgiving Weekend.
Full Colors and Full Belly
The Elk River- It appears TVA is drawing down the lake and with the green stained water it appears the algae in the lake is coming through the dam , into the river. But don't fear the fish are hungry. The fish are not taking much off the top, but occasionally there will be a big splash as a fish gets a glimpse of a tasty floating morsel.
Recently Injured But Still Hungry
Nymphs fished in moving water, over shoals and gravel bars, are almost a gimme when fishing the Elk. We try to give the angler in the front of the drifter a shot or two across each shoal. For anyone floating look ahead and get the front angler set up before entering an area with a shoal or gravel bar. The fish are hanging in that faster water and filling their bellies with practically anything moving with the current. There is the report for this week. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner most of our trips are over. This leaves time for me to get out and fish some with friends and I can't wait!
This Brown Had All Fins and Resembled Browns We've Caught on the Little Red 

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