Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nashville Area Fly Fishing

It must have been a Caney Fork week. It seemed like every time we took the boat out of the garage we were heading toward Center Hill Dam. So I had opportunities to get some good info on the river. The one thing I forgot to do was get the water temperature. I can tell you the water is cold, but that's "all I got" on the temps. There is more to the story on the river though... 
queues de poisson

Let's talk about the water. The clarity of the water release from Center Hill Dam is crystal clear, or pretty close. The sluice has been turned off and now there are many theories out there about lake turn over and such when discussing the previous couple months. Whatever the change is, since turning off the sluice, it had a definite clearing effect on the water. That brings us back to the reason we go to the river in the first place...
Donnie Hooked Up Again...
 ...the fish. With this clear water the fish have plenty of inspection time to make up their minds concerning what they want to taste and what they do not want to taste. Even when the water is being released through the generators the water is clear. However, when the water is released the fish don't have quite as much inspection time and that is good for fishing streamers. That's right we love deer hair and marabou and right now the fish only like them. The fish will love them later. This year I am going to try some additional streamer techniques and hopefully positive reports will follow. 
Duck Dynasty Material
On low water it makes more sense to fish the high value areas. Lately the sluice has been turned off completely the flow has been slower with no generation. The dirty water that was coming from the sluice, even the 250 CFS release, is not in the river. Again clearer water and even more inspection time. Right now a slight wind in these situations isn't terrible. Whitecaps on the water are a different story. A slight breeze and small ripples on the water have helped us this week for sure. (Never thought I would say that).  
Upriver Views
That's the report this week. So, as this guide season comes to a close and we get ready for next year there are some other things on the horizon. There are some additional rods that need to be purchased, new lines that need to be put on reels as we head into the Winter streamer season. Also, in the near future I hope to do a product review or two. There are musky that need chasing and a trip or two to the the Park to check on those native fish. For now thanks for stopping by and taking a look at the report from Middle Tennessee.

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