Sunday, April 21, 2013

Clinch River, Caney Fork and Elk River Fly Fishing

Healthy Colors on the Rainbow
The Elk River- The water level on Tims Ford Lake is above the flood guide. So, we have seen some morning and evening releases on the Elk for the past several weeks. This flow makes for a good float but the gravel bars are still eating the bottom of most boats throughout the float. This flow also provides opportunities to fish water that was previously off limits to most heavy nymphs. 
Stopping at a Gravel Bar Near You
There have been a couple of stockings so far this year. We have been searching for the holdovers, but grateful for the Hatchery Brats when they suck down a fly. Wading anglers will need to review the release schedule before heading to the river and most days can sleep in a couple hours before getting ready to go to the river. The flows are going to be a little faster, be careful wading where you would normally not think twice about going. We tried streamers on falling water without much luck. Nymphs still produced fish over our streamers. 
Why Do They Run to the Boat?

Four Great Things That Go Great Together
The Caney Fork River- The release prediction over the next several days says more of the same. The mid-week rains are driving the lake levels up and driving the higher generation. We have been out on the high water and the fish are eating, but the catching is tough. Slow rowing the boat while angler's fish sinking lines and heavier than normal flies is about the only way to get the offerings in the strike zone. When a big fish comes to the fly and comes into view, the heart rates go up. A strike gets an even bigger reaction and a fish to the net gets...well you get the picture.  
Don't let the water and weather get you down. Summer is on the way. Relief is in sight and all that jazz. This weather pattern will be over and we will be wading and floating, while saying hello to old friends we mostly see on the river.
It's Not All About the Fishing. 
The Clinch River- Norris Dam is running one generator around the clock as this report is written. As the repairs to the weir continue it is important to keep an eye toward the generation schedule. The fish are fat and happy with a touch of a prizefighter attitude.  Wading opportunities are plentiful, but the best way to fish the Clinch under generation is from some type of boat and the best boat is a drifter. If you have been waiting to float the Clinch or book a future trip, now is a good time to get a date on that tailwater. Nymphs fished on one generator is a good way to pick up fish and streamers offer a shot at a nice brown or rainbow. For angler's wanting to book a trip on the Clinch give us a call or send an email. We can get you in touch with a guide who takes very good care of anglers and who is a fun host for your day on the river.
"High Water Everywhere"- Joe Bonamassa


  1. What nymphs are working on the Elk now? what size?

  2. Just saw your post. Send me an email and I will fill you in.