Sunday, April 28, 2013

High Water (Big Bend.... Parliament)

High Water Browns
We caught the fish above while deep water nymphing. The higher water opens up a lot of places that normally are too shallow to effectively fish. I must have gotten lucky and dropped the nymph right in front of the fish. The nymph had been hanging up on the bottom so it made sense to wait before setting the hook. Once the fish felt the pressure, the fight was on. After several trips up-river, downriver and around the boat a time or two the fish finally came to the net. There are several things about this fish. The fish was fat, the photos just don't do the fish justice. It appeared to be healthy in the tail section and around the midsection. But, the inside of the fish's mouth was white and just beginning to turn flaky. It appears the fish is still eating well, however the days may be limited do to the condition of the mouth and teeth. Hopefully others will catch and release this fish before it goes and hopefully it will die of natural causes instead of finishing it's time in a cooler. It sure was a pleasure getting an opportunity to catch a holdover of this size.
Barry Putting a Bend in a Rod

A Wet Spring- It has been a wet couple months here in Middle Tennessee. The rain has been coming down it seems like every other day. The temperature has been mild as well. Right now as I type this report we have cancelled today's trip. This week tailwaters have been pushing but creeks and rivers have provided some short windows of opportunity This opportunity has helped some anglers get their fix.

Pulled Over for a Break
Even as TVA and the Army Corps release water to keep the lakes in check and make power, the fish continue to eat. Anglers are not getting as many shots and hook ups as they do on the lowest of water, but thinking out of the box helps. There is just plenty of water to go around right now. The release of the Middle Tennessee dams may depend on the downstream releases. Guess we will just have to wait and see how the releases fall into place.
A Gutsy Rainbow

High water nymphing has proven effective but it is not for the weak at heart. The boat has to be in just the right place and anglers are having to work to keep the evil's of drag from showing up at just the wrong time. It is not an easy way to fish and takes concentration. Streamers can be effective on these flows as well. Working the gravel bars and shoals is a good way to stir the larger browns that are chasing shad and those yummy fresh hatchery brats. 

Dan Hooked Up. Life is Good
Fishing on the area rivers and creeks is beginning to pick up. The white bass are making their annual run to spawn and such. They are taking a white, chartreuse or yellow anything when angler's find them schooling. Lot's of chases, nips and eats is what make these fish exciting. From time to time a larger fish will come to the net and that really picks up the heart rate.