Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Here's a Caney Fork and Elk Fishing Report

Here is the fishing report for the Caney Fork and Elk Rivers. Read carefully cause it is short. Lots of rain over the 4th of July weekend has caused the lakes to rise and the generation and spilling to begin. This is the pattern all over Tennessee, well for the most part anyway. Georgia isn't in much better shape and neither are North Carolina trout waters. But this too shall pass.
Speaking with anglers, guides and fly shops this week it seems everyone is pretty much tying flies. I have to say the fly boxes in the drifter are more full than they have ever been at this point during the Summer.
At Least the Flowers Are Getting Plenty to Drink
So why the Mysis Shrimp pattern? Well since there are no rivers around Middle TN with these little nuggets it appears a trip out West may be brewing. More on that to come. Hopefully the local freestones will recede and we can get in a smallmouth trip here or there. If things go well, look for a report to come later.


  1. Thanks For the report!! :)
    I honked as I passed by Murfreesboro on my way to Kentucky Lake!!

  2. Nice mysis pattern! Check out Charlie's Mysis as well for a good and also easy to tie pattern...

  3. Thom you should have stopped by and we could have smoked a cigar while watching it rain... Now I am headed of to scope out this Charlie's Mysis pattern.